Thermal Sprayed Zinc Coating



IZA offers free webinars on the latest advances of thermal spray zinc and duplex zinc coatings for corrosion protection of steel.

What is Thermal Spraying?

Metallizing, or thermal spraying, is a process by which a material wire or powder is fed into a spray gun and then melted and sprayed onto a work piece. Thermal spraying is particularly suited to protecting articles which are too large to be dipped in galvanizing baths as the coating can reach structures that are already installed. Zinc thermal spraying is an alternative coating solution that protects steel from erosion – saving time and money.

Zinc and Corrosion

No method of corrosion protection is more effective than coating steel with zinc. Zinc coatings protect steel by providing a physical barrier as well as cathodic protection for the underlying steel, offsetting costs of longterm maintenance and repair.

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About Thermal Spraying

Zinc thermal spraying – the process in which zinc or zinc alloys are melted and sprayed onto a prepared substrate – offers a highly effective, long lasting means of corrosion protection in a variety of applications and environments.

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Thermal Spraying Advantages

The application of sprayed zinc is an uncomplicated yet versatile procedure that offers no continuous maintenance, years of lasting corrosion protection, and a comparable life cycle, thus ensuring cost savings during the service life of the structure.

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Case Studies

There are hundreds of case histories relating to the longevity of zinc thermal sprayed coatings on steel. Bridge structures, ships, pipelines, and dam locks show, in many cases, over 30 years of service without major repair.

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Thermal Spraying in Action


Zinc coatings of almost any thickness can be applied, from 0.002 in. to more than 0.02 in.

No Drying Time

Since zinc adheres and sets quickly, no drying time is needed.

Applied in Field

Spraying can be carried out either in a shop or in the field.

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