Thermal Sprayed Zinc Coatings

At US$ 2.2 trillion, the annual cost of corrosion worldwide is over 3% of the world’s GDP. This figure reflects only the direct cost of corrosion — essentially materials, equipment, and services involved with repair, maintenance, and replacement. It does not include the environmental damage, waste of resources, lost production, or personal injury caused by corrosion. With proper corrosion protection, much of this damage is avoidable. The World Corrosion Organization estimates that a net of 20% to 25% of this annual cost (approx. US$ 400 billion) can be saved by applying currently available corrosion control technologies.

When left unprotected, steel will corrode in almost any environment. More harsh environments will hasten corrosion, ruining the appearance of steel while threatening its structural integrity. No method of corrosion protection is more effective than coating steel with zinc. Zinc coatings protect steel by providing a physical barrier as well as a cathodic protection for the underlying steel. Zinc is so important in this role that the coating market represents nearly 60% of total zinc consumption each year.